Woodfibre LNG Project

The Woodfibre LNG project is a small to medium-sized LNG processing and export facility to be constructed at the former Woodfibre pulp mill site, located about seven kilometres southwest of Squamish. Once in operation, the facility will export about 2.1 million tonnes of LNG per year over 25 years. This will amount to an LNG carrier travelling through well-established shipping lanes three to four times per month. It will create 650 jobs during construction and 100 operational jobs over the 25-year lifespan of the project.




Eagle Mountain-Woodfibre Gas Pipeline Project

Project Partners Woodfibre LNG Limited
Project Location Squamish, British Columbia
Million Metric Tonnes Per Annum 2.1
Related Pipeline
National Energy Board Status Application



Canadian Environmental Assessment Status Approved
B.C. Environmental Assessment Status Approved
Proponent Website http://www.woodfibrelng.ca/