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LNG Info Kit

The LNG Info Kit provides background information on the science of LNG and the plans for B.C.’s LNG industry through a variety of PDF documents.

LNG Info Zone Poster – an overview summary of the Info Kit.

The Basics – a detailed, 12-page booklet.

Info Cards:

  1. What’s the Story? The basics on natural gas, LNG and hydraulic fracturing.
  2. What’s the Plan? A summary of the plans for B.C.’s pipelines, LNG plants, LNG shipping and economic development.
  3. The Facts. The facts about hydraulic fracturing, pipelines, shipping and more.
  4. Water Use in Hydraulic Fracturing. The amount of water used and how it is regulated.
  5. Protecting Drinking Water. How drinking water is protected during hydraulic fracturing and common misconceptions about the effects of hydraulic fracturing on B.C.’s water supply.
  6. Pipelines. Pipeline proposals in B.C. and pipeline safety procedures and regulations.
  7. LNG Vessels. The advantages and strong safety record of shipping LNG.
  8. Natural Gas and LNG as a Clean Fuel. Greenhouse gases, alternative power sources and transitional fuel.
  9. Environmental Protection and Regulations.  The federal and provincial governments’ regulations related to drinking water, the environment, earthquakes and natural gas activity, land reclamation, communities and the ocean.
  10. Benefits to B.C., Communities and First Nations.  The economic and job benefits that will result from the growth of B.C.’s LNG industry.

LNG Fact Cards

The five LNG fact cards are short PDF documents that provide quick facts about LNG, hydraulic fracturing, transportation and more.

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