The LNG-Buy BC program was created to connect LNG proponents with large and small companies from across British Columbia. Through outreach and advocacy, the program helps raise broad public awareness and understanding of LNG projects, and promotes the use of B.C. businesses to project proponents and their major contractors. The program has offered workshops and seminars to educate B.C. companies on what it takes to participate in the industry. Many B.C. businesses are already taking advantage of the opportunities that LNG presents thanks to the LNG-Buy BC Program.

LNG-Buy BC Tool & Database

The program’s on-line tool offers an opportunity for B.C. businesses to promote their services and network, putting them in a better position for sub-contracted work. Learn more.

LNG-Buy BC Business Kit

The LNG-Buy BC Business Kit, first released at the 2015 LNG in BC Conference, helps B.C. companies prepare and compete for contract work. Learn more.

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