B.C. LNG Projects

Use the interactive map below to explore B.C.’s LNG projects.  Each yellow pin represents a project; click on the pin to read more information about the project.  The purple pins represent the end points of natural gas pipelines.  To learn more about natural gas pipelines, visit the pipelines page.

Global demand for cleaner energy is growing, and B.C. is in a prime position to meet it. B.C. has vast resources of natural gas and easy access to Asian markets. Factor in other significant advantages – a large skilled workforce, comprehensive transportation links and infrastructure, political stability, a competitive fiscal framework and transparent regulatory requirements – and it’s easy to see why B.C. is the right place to build an LNG export industry.

The Government of B.C. released its LNG Strategy in February 2012. This document laid out the vision for an LNG industry in B.C. Since then, a huge amount of progress has occurred:

  • 17 LNG export projects are proposed. 
  • All export licenses have been approved by the National Energy Board. The NEB is an independent federal regulatory tribunal. When the NEB approves an export license, it gives permission for an LNG export facility to export LNG for a specified amount of time.
  • 9 environmental assessments (projects and pipelines) have been completed, with more underway. This means that a project’s environmental impact has been assessed by both B.C.’s Environmental Assessment Office and the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency.

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