Printing company brings new dimension to LNG

Jody Mitchell of Tumbler Ridge has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. She comes from a family of business owners with an interest in 3D. With the downturn in the coal industry, Mitchell decided to open Filaprint 3D in the basement of her home in early 2015.

Filaprint 3D is one of northeastern B.C.’s first 3D printing companies geared toward eco-friendly manufacturing and education. Business owner Jody Mitchell uses her 3D printer to create custom gifts, table top displays and land models geared to the tourism industry.

The printer transforms files into 3D then slices them into layers. She has created topography maps of B.C. so visitors can see their vacation spots while planning a trip, breaking down language barriers.

Mitchell already has expansion plans. With support from the District of Tumbler Ridge and Community Futures Peace Liard, she hopes to move into outside office space early next year and is training future employees with the hopes of hiring in the New Year. Mitchell believes there is enormous potential to grow her business into the LNG sector as her models would be a superior tool to market the emerging sector as they replicate the topography of the land.

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